Drama-Free High School

By:  Jocelyn Perez

You might think drama-free meant gossip-free. Well, that’s definitely not the case. I meant Drama Club free. Schools are experiencing huge budget cuts. In my high school this means no drama club, no substitute teachers and new, fun teachers getting fired.

After school activities are some of the first things to be cut when schools are running low on dough. This has a huge impact on teens. Activities let us be productive but without them we might turn to other useless things or bad influences on the street.

Not only are activities being cut but substitute teachers aren’t being hired. It might seem like a treat to miss class whenever your teacher is sick and not have a substitute teacher. But it’s not so sweet in the long run when you have to make up the work and rush everything in class when the teacher comes back. The workload builds up and it becomes overwhelming all because your school can’t afford a substitute.

The new, fun, cool teachers getting fired because of budget cuts is ridiculous. Just because they have only been there a little while doesn’t mean you should make them leave. Why keep the older teachers that are boring?

Why doesn’t the government cut budgets in places other than schools? This is the future of America we’re talking about!

Sorry to leave you guys, I have to go read eleven chapters of Great Expectations because my teacher has great expectations of being absent on Friday!

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