TEEN VOICES BLOG to the rescue!

By: Jocelyn Perez

The blogs and websites of magazines like Seventeen, People, and CosmoGirl can make a smart girl want to______.This is when blogging hits the spot.

What kind of world do we live in? Everybody is so caught up in the idea of weight, makeup, boys, celebrities and other useless things teens shouldn’t be worrying about. We should be focusing on our education and learning about the world. We could contribute to our society instead of supporting the ideas the media puts out to make us feel bad about ourselves and the way that we look.

Even though we may not know it, every time we look at that “perfect” girl or that “perfect” couple, it eats away at our self-esteem little by little.  I believe this is what makes us think we aren’t beautiful and that we have to change the way we look.

It isn’t our fault society is caught up in artificial thoughts and we shouldn’t have to pay the price. The media makes you think that you should look a certain way so you can buy products to “help you.” UGH! Finally, we have TEEN VOICES BLOG to the rescue because this stuff is ridiculous.

Teen Voices is a teen magazine but not just ANOTHER teen magazine. This magazine is written by teen girls and is different because it focuses on real teen issues and not on celebrities which have nothing to do with us. Teen Voices Blog will tackle and pick at the important things in life and real teen girl issues. This would be issues like: teen drug use, teen plastic surgery, GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) information, school budget cuts, sexual abuse, teen dating violence, body image problems and other stories to help you grow as a person and prepare you to become a strong, young woman.

Feel free to write us about anything and everything you think about our blog posts because what really matters is what YOU have to say. Leave a comment 🙂


2 responses to “TEEN VOICES BLOG to the rescue!

  1. my names kim i belive in this magazine so much and think that what it is doing is so posative and meaning full it gives teen there voice back and i bet is such a rewarding job the magazine is perfect and i read it all the time. i totally belive in what you are doing so tha nk you for giving me the confidence to be me and others just like me x

  2. Maria - release me

    Funny, to me it seems like you’d like to write a mag about teen issues, but think looks and love are useless things?

    I’m reasonably smart (I think), you know, do well in school, do things the right way, work hard to go to a good university. Yet I’m also interested in looks, boys, and exploring the things that open up to me as I grow older.

    I’d actually like to read about how other girls who feel they are a bit too old for their age copes? You know, I want to do things, I’m definitely too young for (or so society says) – by my own choice, not because of pressure. How about me? Any articles about that?

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