Rappers’ rude rhyming

By: Jocelyn Perez

MUSIC! Discriminating against women? What? LIL WAYNE?!

Yes, what you heard is true. When we listen to these songs from him or from other rappers, we don’t really listen to the lyrics. But when you do listen to the lyrics, you’ll be disgusted. If you’re not paying attention to the lyrics, other people are, and they take that message as an excuse to treat women worse.

Even if you’re only listening to the beat, you are supporting something that is unfair to women. When guys hear, “You got me so hypnotized/ the way yo’ body rollin’ ’round and Round/ that booty keep bumpin’/ titties just bouncin’/ up and down,” it sends out a message that its okay if we are treated as sex objects. We end up getting hurt because guys are treating us the way the songs treat us.

Women are being called “bitches and hoes” by the people most listened to in the media and you’re accepting it because its Lil Wayne and because “nothing he says is serious?” NO!  Do something about it! Don’t listen or show support to these rappers, and they’ll get the message sooner or later IF they’re not too ignorant.


3 responses to “Rappers’ rude rhyming

  1. I think that it is completely wrong that we are treated this way. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. The reason songs like this keep coming out is because you can’t hear the lyrics and it has a good beat to it. If we listen to songs that make us feel good the way we are we will be much happier and we will feel less presure to look or act in a certain way.


  2. Are there rappers you’d recommend who have positive lyrics, or do you know any girl or women rappers who are cool? thx!

  3. Jordan Terhune

    I agree. Songs like this with lyrics like that shouldn’t be released when they are basically rude to women and the same as sexual harrasmant. And it encourages sexual harrasment, especially to the men. Women have fought really hard for respect and songs like this send a bad message to our side of the story. Rappers like Lil wayne should not be encouraging crap like this anymore.

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