AmeriCorps Comes to Teen Voices!

This year, Teen Voices has four AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers – and we want to introduce you!  VISTA members serve full-time for a year at a nonprofit organization or local government agency, working to fight illiteracy,  create businesses, strengthen community groups, and much more.


Dana is the Special Projects Coordinator for Teen Voices, so she is responsible for various research tasks and administrative work and also helps out Jenny, our Executive Director. Dana is excited to  meet new people, get to know her VISTA co-workers better, admire Boston, and work at Teen Voices!


Caroline chose to serve in AmeriCorps as a way of paying forward the  generosity she has received from many people in her life. She says the best part of her job as Development Coordinator is knowing that she is making a difference. Caroline wishes she had known about Teen Voices growing up, and  is so excited to meet the girls in the program!


Laura is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Teen Voices. Her favorite part about her job is spreading the word about Teen Voices, through Twitter, conferences, or this blog! This year, she is most excited about meeting the girls and seeing the program in action.  She’ll keep you updated on all the great things we do in future blog posts.


Emily is the Program and Volunteer Coordinator at Teen Voices, and she says the best part of her job is being able to interact with the amazing teens in the program! This year, Emily  is most excited to meet the new teen editors, to attend our Poetically Speaking event in November, and to learn as much as she can!

VISTAs Caroline, Emily, and Laura being silly on the Teen Voices staff retreat.

VISTAs Caroline, Emily, and Laura being silly on the Teen Voices staff retreat.


One response to “AmeriCorps Comes to Teen Voices!

  1. I love Rachael in the background of this photo!
    So candid and perfect. I love reading the blog and staying up to date with everything that’s happening!

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