Teen Voices Kicks Off Fall Session

Our Fall journalism mentoring session started this week! First up, our fabulous new and returning teen editors spent a full week getting to know all about Teen Voices magazine and what we do here. They toured the office, had some snacks and took part in a few serious discussions. Don’t get the wrong impression—there was definitely a ton of laughter too! The girls had a blast getting to know each other through icebreaker activities like Two Truths and a Lie (where girls guessed which of three statements about one another was false) and Diversity Bingo (where girls had to find and check off when they met someone who was not born in the USA, someone whose parents are two different ethnicities, etc.).  They also got to know program director Saun Green, and are starting a series of Friday afternoon workshops. This week’s was about job readiness, interviewing skills, and how to be a successful employee.

The teen editors met with Jessica, Teen Voices’ editor and publisher, to learn about some editing and writing ground rules, and about picking a great topic for their articles! We talked about their goals for their time at Teen Voices – they’re all psyched to improve their writing skills, to expand their horizons, and to learn about the magazine world. We worked with the girls to find out their interests, and they’ve all picked the sections of the magazine that they want to work on. Next up, Saun and Jessica will match each teen editor with a mentor, and they’ll get started on eleven weeks of brainstorming, researching, interviewing, writing, and editing their articles!

Speaking of mentors, we’re so excited for them to start on Monday! Jessica ran a weekend of training with this great group of college women earlier in October; they can’t wait to work with the teens on creating great content for our online and print magazines.

We can’t wait to see what the teen editors come up with during our fall session. Check back here for more news on what the girls are up to, and visit teenvoices.com for new monthly content by, for, and about young women!


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