Glamour Magazine Highlights Curvier Models

By Teen Voices editorial intern Ally Betker

The November issue of Glamour includes a spread titled “Supermodels Who Aren’t Superthin,” showcasing “plus-size” women who proudly bare it all. This article is part of Glamour’s body image revolution that Teen Voices tweeted about back in September.

Glamour’s efforts to highlight “plus-size” models started when they ran a picture of 21-year-old model Lizzi Miller in a story about feeling good in your own skin. Positive responses flooded in, with readers clamoring for more images of natural-looking women like Miller.

Glamour’s highlighting of models who maintain a healthier weight than the norm has helped spark a conversation about what “plus-size” really means. The modeling industry calls anyone over a size six plus size, but the average American woman wears sizes 12-14. Should magazines turn their focus to this size since it represents the majority of their audience? Or would this just move the pressure to naturally thin girls and make them feel negative about their body type instead?

Glamour says that every body size, shape, and color should and will be represented in its pages. Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive writes, “Turning the tables so we can bash one type instead of another isn’t the answer. Celebrating the fact that we’re all born different is.”

Check out the rest of Leive’s blog post here and visit for more empowering ideas about accepting yourself!


One response to “Glamour Magazine Highlights Curvier Models

  1. Anna-Catherine Brigida

    This is Anna-Cat, plt at Teen Voices. I think this is a great idea, and this is what the media should look like. We are all beautiful! We don’t all look the same, so there should not be one single “type” of look for models. There should be a variety of women displayed in magazines, just like you would see walking down the street, so that everyone feels good about who they are.

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