Top Five Ways YOU Can Get Involved with Teen Voices!

By Teen Voices editorial intern Jackie Catcher

You have a voice and we want to hear it! Teen Voices is about you—your thoughts, your feelings, and your input. Here are five ways for you to amplify your voice.

1. Become a teen editor! Are you a Boston-area teen interested in journalism? Here’s your chance to gain experience while meeting new friends and having a fantastic time. Teen editors meet to write the features you see on our website and in our magazine. Although our fall session is in full swing, there’s always the spring and summer sessions to look forward to. So start planning ahead and visit our website to apply.

2. Share the goods. Your words matter and we work hard to make sure they’re heard, but we can’t do it alone. Like something you read online? E-mail to a friend or post it on your own blog or profile. Love the magazine? Give submissions to your girlfriends or family members as holiday or birthday gifts. Want to see Teen Voices in your public or school library? Ask the librarian to stock it. Spread the word and stretch your impact.

3. Become a reviewer! Like music? Books? Free stuff? Teen Voices reviewers receive free books and CDs before they’re even released to the public. All we ask in return is your opinion, so is it a bestseller or a flop…you be the judge.

4. Become a Teen Voices Activist of the Month (AOTM) Are you a teen who’s changing your world? Are you passionate about a cause, devoted to an issue, or involved in an organization? We highlight movers and shakers like you each month in our online magazine. Nominate a friend or nominate yourself; we’d love to hear about what you’re doing to make our world a better place.

5. Amplify your voice! Submit your artwork, photos, poetry, essays, opinions, short stories and more to Teen Voices. We can’t get enough of your voice, so keep the submissions coming. Visit our website to learn more and submit!


3 responses to “Top Five Ways YOU Can Get Involved with Teen Voices!

  1. TeenVoices=Amazing!

  2. This is so great! I can’t wait to get involved….:)

  3. hi i’m farah from morocco how i can involve in your magazine , i deeply love to write about women and particularly about girls in my age . i hope that you read my comment and answer as soon as possible .
    thanks in advance .

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