Haiti is in our thoughts and hearts at Teen Voices

The January 12 earthquake off the coast of Port-au-Prince has impacted an estimated 3 million Haitians, with the death toll expected to be in the tens of thousands. Emergency relief workers are having difficulty delivering aid and supplies as a result of demolished roads, buildings and other infrastructure. At Teen Voices, we hope to see the global community continue to band together and provide relief in the wake of this immense tragedy.

Teen Voices has many girls in our journalism mentoring program who have relatives and other loved ones in Haiti. On behalf of Teen Voices’ board members and staff, we send our thoughts and condolences to the girls in our program who have lost loved ones in this tragedy. We would like to remind them that, as always, our office is open if they feel we can help in any way—a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or just a space to connect with their friends and mentors. We are thinking of you, and of teen girls around the world who have been similarly impacted by this tragedy.

Teen Voices would like to encourage anyone who is able to donate to the disaster relief efforts in Haiti. Even a small amount makes a difference, and if everyone gives a little bit, it adds up quickly.

Here are some organizations to donate to.

American Red Cross
Donations can be made online. Text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10.


Catholic Relief Services

Doctors Without Borders
Text DOB to 90999 to donate $10.

World Vision


5 responses to “Haiti is in our thoughts and hearts at Teen Voices

  1. It is crazy how a national disaster so far away can affect people that I see every day. Praying for all the people in Haiti! Also we can help out too and donate anything we can. At my school i am collecting $400 for unicef which is going to Haiti, Try having a bake sale or any fundraiser at your school!

  2. The earthquake that hit in Haiti is so sad and unfortunate. I couldn’t believe it when i first heard about it. Haiti needs all the help it can get. What everyone needs to do is continue to donate, and keep praying and have high hopes for Haiti. They’re going through a rough time at this time, a very tough and difficult situation, and everyone needs to be there to support and help in any way possible. With every helping hands Haiti has high prosperity and better days ahead of them.

  3. It’s amazing how a tragedy so big can bring so many people together. I personally have lost loved ones in this earthquake. Nothing feels better than to have a shoulder to cry on or just to have someone to express your anger to. It’s very comforting to see people from all over the world donating all that they can to help people that are miles away. Please donate anything, even if it’s just a couple of dollars. Haiti can use anything that you give.

  4. The earthquake in Haiti really was devastating, but there are so many different ways to help out. Most of the clubs at my school keep thinking of ways to donate and help, whether it’s a bake sale or collecting money from all the homerooms. Haiti is in our prayers, and Teen Voices is always here for anyone who needs it.

  5. Judelle Cummins

    Although I’m not from Haiti just being around my friends who are grieving their lost is painful to witness because you want their pain to go away. However, you know the only thing you can do is comfort them. The church that I go to and several other churches will be having a big offering collection to give to Haiti. I constantly pray for Haiti as well as my friends because I know it’s not easy.

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