AMPLIFY 2010: Anna Deavere Smith

On April 14, 2010, Teen Voices will celebrate girls recreating media at our fourth annual AMPLIFY fundraising event! This year, we will celebrate the redesign and relaunch of Teen Voices magazine and

We are thrilled to announce Anna Deavere Smith as our keynote speaker for the event. The actor, playwright, and teacher enjoys a remarkably wide-ranging and respected career. Critics and audiences nationwide have acclaimed Smith’s work, which explores the American character and our multifaceted national identity.

Smith is best known for her documentary theatre style in plays such as Fires in the Mirror and Twilight: Los Angeles; in both, she played multiple and diverse roles written from interviews and archives of actual events. Teen Voices is excited to welcome Smith as our keynote speaker!

Buy your tickets before this event sells out!

For more on Anna Deavere Smith:


One response to “AMPLIFY 2010: Anna Deavere Smith

  1. SaChe Register

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Anna Deavere Smith at Amplify. I’ve never experienced watching a one woman play and I’m thrilled to finally get a piece of art.

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