Ellen Addresses Teen Bullying Tragedies

Please watch Ellen’s important message on teen bullying – and then pass it someone else.

Watch video here.

Important resources on bullying are listed here. Additional resources also are available on Ellen’s website.


5 responses to “Ellen Addresses Teen Bullying Tragedies

  1. I watch the video, and I want to let everyone know that the world will get better. It might take a while but it will. We just need to pay attention to those who matter and those who care about us. Ellen is right there are a bunch of organization that can help you ignore and fight for yourself and others who are just like you. No one is perfect. We are all different which makes us unique. I have friends that lost friends because of bullying and it makes me so mad that people that are so “corny”. I just hope that the world will wake up and see that we’re losing too many people and its making us look bad. And for those who ARE BEING BULLIED don’t be afraid to speak up, let someone know, get involve with the world, do things that you never thought you would do. And always be happy for being yourself. By the way I am a peer leader at Teen Voices if anyone ever needs someone to talk to I’m only a phone call away. 

  2. Thank you for posting this. And thank you to all the people who are sharing their stories to teens dealing with persecution. Ellen is right: life will get better. Teens, please don’t limit yourselves because other people want to make you feel small. You have so much good to offer the world!

  3. It’s amazing how people can be so cruel and taunt each other for no reason at all. We’ve come so far in terms of being more accepting of each other, but we still have such a long way to go. Growing up today is hard enough on us, with family issues, violence, drugs, the recession, school–why add more stress to someone when they don’t need it? Each and every person goes through hard times in their life (no matter what the situation is) and sometimes we just need to sit back and think before we act. NO PERSON should ever be bullied for any reason–and definitely not because of their sexual orientation. Each person has a right to love who they please, and we as people have no right to say if this is right or wrong. It’s appalling and sad how many people have taken their lives this past year because of bullying. We really need to make a change and put a stop to this senseless crime.

  4. Not many things break my heart, but this did. I think it is incredibly gross at what has been happening concerning bullying, and unacceptable to people’s sexual preference. I am disappointed in what happened but I feel like this is going to be a wakeup call that bullying needs to be taken more seriously. How many kids have to die, missing out on life’s opportunities and experiences, because some moron wants to harass them and make them feel worthless? I can’t even imagine what some of these kids and their families are going through. My hear goes out and I am hoping in the future, there will be a change.

  5. Ellen is right. Bullying is an epidemic in our country and it’s not being adequately addressed. This is resulting in unspoken suicides and probably thousands that are suffering. We need to learn that targeting people that are different is not ok. Also bullying can turn into a vicious cycle where the bullied bully others. This cycle must end. Thank you for posting this!

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