Real Men Don’t Buy Girls: Demi and Ashton Campaign to End Sex Trafficking

A lot of interesting news came out of the Clinton Global Initiative conference held on September 23 in New York. Among the developments, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher announced the Real Men Don’t Buy Girls campaign (to watch the announcement click here), which aims to raise concern about child sex slavery and to stop the demand for child sexual exploitation and child pornography.

The video discusses the disturbing news that there are more people enslaved in the world today than ever before, and that many of these people are forced to sell their bodies.  Of the roughly 12 million slaves in the world, about 2 million of them are children in the sex trade.

The Real Men Don’t Buy Girls campaign aims to end the buying and selling of children for sex purposes by eliminating the troubling misconception that it is in any way OK to purchase a child for sex.  Moore and Kutcher founded the DNA Foundation to carry out the mission of the campaign.  They are teaming with law enforcement and technology companies to identify and eliminate the trafficking that occurs online.

The DNA Foundation’s tagline is “Freedom – it’s in our DNA.”  To help bring freedom to those enslaved in the sex trade the foundation has the support of Twitter, Microsoft, and other influential tech companies committed to bringing sex trafficking to center stage so that we can eliminate it.

The foundation’s website makes it easy for anyone to get involved.  You can donate, send information to your family and friends, or call your senator to ask him or her to support a bill in Congress right now that will increase law enforcement’s funding in several states so that they are better able to go after the people responsible for the sex trade.

To find out more about sex trafficking, check out our Spring/Summer 2010 print issue!  To subscribe to Teen Voices click here.  If you want to learn more about this CGI commitment, head over to the DNA Foundation’s website here.

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