Exposed Author Kimberly Marcus Discusses Her First Novel

By Lauren Castner

Last Tuesday, fellow Teen Voices editorial assistant Ashley Morris and I attended a dinner with Kimberly Marcus, author of the upcoming young adult novel Exposed.  The dinner was at Harvest, in Cambridge, MA, and celebrated the upcoming February release of Marcus’s first novel.

Marcus’s excitement about her new book is plain to see.  She told Teen Voices she couldn’t believe she was at a dinner with a group of people who had read her novel (and we were super excited to have dinner with a published author!).

Exposed is written in free verse, a refreshing departure from the writing styles we typically see in young adult novels.  It tells the story of Liz, her best friend Kate, and the events that lead up to Kate’s decision to end their friendship.  Liz is an aspiring photographer and Marcus tells the story in snapshots; she is able to say a lot with few words.  As a former children’s therapist with a Master’s in Social Work, Marcus tackles tough issues with accuracy and knowledge. The story reads realistically and could very well happen in any town across the country.  I picked up the book and had to read it cover to cover; Marcus knows how to reel in her audience and hold them captivated until the end of her novel.

If you’re interested in learning more about Marcus, check out her website here, and look for Exposed in bookstores on February 22!



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