The Bride Wore Plastic

By Sarah Binning and Jessica Moore

According to Time‘s pop culture columnist, James Poniewozik, the train wreck reality show known as Bridalplasty is the worst TV show of 2010. We can’t say we’re upset!

If you haven’t read about the show, brace yourself. While bridal reality TV shows are not a new phenomenon, E! has gone to the extreme. Bridalplasty features brides going head to head in a series of wedding-themed challenges. The winner of each challenge earns … a honeymoon? No, that’s been done. A wedding cake? No, too practical. Plastic surgery? Ding ding ding!

That’s right. Women are competing for head-to-toe plastic surgery makeovers. The contestants, who range in age from 20 to 32, create a wish list of procedures they would like to have done before her wedding. Win a challenge, pick a surgery. One by one, contestants are voted out.The last bride standing reveals her new face and body to her fiancé as he  lifts her veil during their wedding ceremony.

One assumes that the groom already loves the woman he is about to marry. He has professed his love. The couple has decided to spend their lives together, come sickness, poverty, or — worst of all, the show suggests — wrinkles and cellulite. Yet these brides show a desperate need to improve their physical appearance. The messages to women and girls: You must continually “improve” your looks to remain competitive in love. You must look a certain way (light-skinned, skinny, and flawless) to be worthy of love. Oh, and you must be willing to undergo dangerous surgery to “perfect” your looks.

As with so many “reality” shows (Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, The Bad Girls Club, The Real Housewives of Name-Your-City), the women fight, backbite, connive, and generally make themselves ugly — on the inside — to win a “prize” they don’t need and shouldn’t want.

Nobody should be shocked the next time they read statistics on girls and women suffering from low self-esteem, bruised self-confidence, and eating disorders.

The good news? Bridalplasty‘s ratings are almost as bad as its premise.


8 responses to “The Bride Wore Plastic

  1. This just makes me so mad!! With all the good and positive things in this world that are going on (children fighting for education, teen girls coming together) they made a show about grown women competing for PLASTIC SURGERY. Are these women even concerned about it going wrong? I definitely agree with the statement that these girls are doing this for men who already fell in love with the person that they are. It just makes me question, “Why aren’t the men doing this too?” Why can’t the women just exercise and be happy with what God blessed them with?

  2. Media has gone OUT OF CONTROL with these shows! First of all, why aren’t the guys a part of the plastic surgery? The ladies go through all the challenges to look good for her husband, while he does nothing! Men get wrinkles and cellulites too, why would i sacrifice myself for a man who won’t do the same for me? Love has nothing to do with how you look; media has turned love into looks and appearances. A wedding day shouldn’t be a day to tell the bride that she’s ugly, so she has to go and embarrass herself on life television that she’s “ugly.” How can the male let her do this anyways? If he loves her, he wouldn’t even let her think of doing such a thing, first sign that shows that their marriage won’t work in the first place; she just did everything for no reason! The media portrays girls and women in such negative ways, which is why there are so many depressed and stressed girls! Why can’t we just be who we are? Why can’t just accept ourselves for what we have. The media has created the “perfect” girl that everyone desires to be. Girls don’t have to subject to these humiliations of the media. If the bridal spoke out and said, “NO” i want my fiancé to undergo these challenges for plastic surgery and look good for me! Women are always willing to sacrifice themselves for whom there are with, but what is he willing to do for you ladies? If we raised our voices against these negativities, the media would no longer portray us women as ugly, depressed, and no ambitious females. This show is simply disrespect. I am baffled by this new show! I simply cannot belief it! A wedding shouldn’t be focused on how beautiful your wife or HUSBAND is, it should be focused on the two individual loving each other for WHO THEY TRULY ARE. Discarding all of this, who promises that the marriage will last? I just love Teen Voices for this particular reason because we fight against this craziness!

  3. When I first saw the commercial for this TV show, I was so appalled. It is pitiful how women want to change their bodies for no reason. And what if the groom doesn’t like the way their bride looks? That would be a real disaster, now wouldn’t it? I just think that these type of shows aren’t improving girl empowerment. If I could, I would–no scratch that– I WILL write a letter to the producers of VH1 convincing them that they shouldn’t keep broadcasting shows that put down women. There hasn’t been any shows lately about guys who are fighting each other over a woman. I don’t know what’s wrong with society today but something needs to be done.

  4. I believe this is THE DUMBEST show ever! I don’t understand why have plastic surgery on yourself. the man you have loves you just the way you are. To me getting plastic sugary is like being FAKES your changing yourself to someone else you’re not! You’re hiding the real beauty under A FAKE LOOK! By changing your body doesn’t make you beautiful. You want to lose weight? That’s awesome! Start walking in morning, go to the gym with your home girls. You get plastic surgery and you’re going to look UGLY for real! Plastic surgery is unnecessary. It’s sad to see that women are fighting for a new look, like I said, you want to look beautiful, stop putting heavy makeup on your face. YOU’RE NOT A BARBIE. You want to lose weight, stop eating late night snacks! We weren’t built to please everyone.

    The BEST PART ABOUT THIS while the women are doing all the work to look “beautiful” the husband is at home doing what? Nothing! You actually think they’re going to change themselves for you? NOPE! Men will be men and always be the lazy ones! Because the girl is too dumb to realize that he doesn’t care what you look like! Nobody is perfect! And you sure won’t be closer to perfect after the surgery! THINK, LADIES, THINK!!!

  5. Wow, I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this! It just goes to show that the media NEVER stops thinking of ways to make us women have an even lower self-esteem. But honestly, we can’t be mad at these women who signed up for this show, or shows like this. It’s not their faults that they aren’t comfortable in their skin, or that they see certain flaws in the way they look– I don’t think there’s any person in the world who is completely satisfied with the way they look. However, do they not think of all the negative consequences that could come from all the surgery? Is it a guarantee that nothing will go wrong? What happens if they don’t win? Are they going to call off the wedding because they couldn’t “perfect” themselves for the “man of their dreams”? Man of their dreams…it’s a funny thing because when you get married, you’re supposed to love one another “for better or for worse”. But how much do you really love someone if you allow them to change into something superficial, RATHER than telling them that they’re perfect just the way they are? If marriage is about the unconditional love people share for one other, then WHY would these men let their wives think they aren’t good enough? And God forbid that the marriage doesn’t last, what then? As people and as women, we have to realize that we’re not going to be perfect and we’re not going to please everyone. We cannot go changing ourselves completely for the sake of men, because I’m pretty sure you won’t see a man on a show getting plastic surgery for his wife. This show just confirms that stereotype that women are weak, and are willing to whatever we can to keep a man and we SHOULD NOT be willing to sacrifice our well-being for ANY man.

  6. This is disgusting. Women are competing each other in mindless challenges to win plastic surgery? Where the do that at? This is just as bas as Flavor of Love. It’s perceiving women as mindless bimbos. And what’s worse is the women who are on the show. They think that it’s okay to be apart of this show. This is sending out a horrible message to teen girls who already have body issues. When they see this show, their getting a negative influence. I am really disappointed in E! for creating and airing such a program.

  7. looks really ridiculous, I’m grateful for every gift from God

  8. I agree that this is revolting!!! What have some women come to, that they think they need to change every thing about themselves to feel self-confident??? I wish the media did not have such an influence on women…you might find my blog post about the media’s influence on body image/self image interesting as well:

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