Meet our Summer Interns

This year, recognized Teen Voices as one of the top ten internship programs in the nation in both the categories of Creative/Liberal Arts and Non-Profit. Each year, we work with more than 100 interns and volunteers and we are honored to receive this recognition. Teen Voices couldn’t survive without the dedication and support of our interns! It’s time to put some faces to all those amazing interns mentioned!

Without further ado, we’d like you to meet our summer interns!

Editorial interns Anya and Carolyn busy scanning submissions.

Our editorial interns process all the submissions we receive from teen girls all around the world!

Meghan McPhilemy, Emmanuel College, 2011

Major: English, Communications, and Cultural Studies and Minor in Psychology (Health and Counseling)

What are your future plans and dreams? I would love to keep working with young girls and the media. It’s important that our voices are heard!

Rebecca Klein, Brandeis University, 2012

Major: Politics/American Studies and Minor in Journalism

What do you hope to learn at Teen Voices? I hope to learn more about the skills needed to put out a professional publication!

Anya Krenicki, Boston University, 2013

Major: English/Journalism

What do you hope to learn at Teen Voices? Besides learning the ‘inside scoop’ of the editing world and practical work experience, I hope to come away from Teen Voices with knowledge in how to create social change through positive media for young girls.

Carolyn Schweitzer, Brandeis University, 2012

Major: Psychology, Women’s and Gender Studies, and English Literature

Why did you want to intern at Teen Voices? I wanted to combine my interests in women’s issues with my exploration of a possible career in publishing.  I believe that the written word can be a powerful tool for young women to both express themselves and to reach out to others.

Our development interns are hard at work organizing and creating a new filing system for our foundations and donors.

Development intern Mary working hard to organize files.

Mary Gilcoine, Emmanuel College, 2014

Major: English Literature and Writing

What do you hope to learn at Teen Voices? I hope to learn more about how a magazine works and the issues that this particular magazine addresses.

Olivia James, Elon University, 2014

Major: English and Communications

Why did you want to intern at Teen Voices? I was interested in learning more about development. As an alumna of an all-girls’ school, the message of empowering girls stood out to me.

 Elyse Lebel, Connecticut College, 2012

Major: Psychology and Sociology

Why did you want to intern at Teen Voices? I enjoyed the message promoted by Teen Voices—empowering young girls and encouraging social change through the media. With such a powerful message, Teen Voices was the perfect place for me to intern!

Valencia Patilla, Emmanuel College, 2010

Major: Communications, Media and Cultural Studies

After her time at Teen Voices, Valencia is excited about what the future holds. She hopes to attend graduate school with a focus in Global Marketing and Advertising.

Program interns Jean and Sara take a break to smile for the camera

We would be absolutely lost without our program interns, who work to create materials and organize workshops for our teen editors. May we introduce Jean and Sara.

Jean Lee, Wellesley College, 2013

Major: Sociology

What do you hope to learn at Teen Voices? I hope to learn how to connect with other girls in the Boston community. I want to relate to others so that I can support them in any way they need.

Sara Davey, Boston College, 2014

Major: Communications

Why did you want to intern at Teen Voices? I believe that this organization does great things for teen girls and, this summer, I want the opportunity to take part in it! I also want to gain experience in journalism and writing.

Last, but certainly not least, we’d like to give a special shout out to our Marketing Intern, Ann. We’re so excited to have you back at Teen Voices!

Ann Situ, Bentley University, 2014

Major: Marketing

Why did you want to intern at Teen Voices? I wanted to give back to Teen Voices. I was involved in Teen Voices’ SHOUT program over a year ago. It was a life-changing experience and I wanted to help continue this program for teens in the future.

4 responses to “Meet our Summer Interns

  1. Teen Voices would be lost without all of our fabulous interns. Thanks to all of you!

  2. So glad to be supervising you, Ann! And to the editorial interns, I’m excited to work with you more as the summer progresses.

    And let’s not forget our Editorial Mentors. I’m really looking forward to meeting all the mentors at orientation this weekend!

  3. Our volunteers are the glue that holds Teen Voices together and makes everything we do possible! They are fabulous! Thank you for everything you do.

  4. I love these new interns!

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