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Anna Deavere Smith On Collaboration

Actress, author, and playwright Anna Deavere Smith performed at Teen Voices’ annual fundraising event, Amplify, on April 14. In this clip from her performance, she talks about a race riot that took place in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights, and portrays a Jewish woman who lives in the neighborhood. The message in this piece, Smith says, is that we can learn to solve problems when we collaborate, or “extend ourselves out from what we know.”


Boston Globe Columnist Sarah Rodman Visits Teen Voices

Boston Globe arts and music columnist Sarah Rodman visited Teen Voices last Friday to talk about her start in journalism.

During her visit, she told the teen editors about some of the famous people she’s interviewed – including Nick Jonas and Snoop Dogg — which the teens found particularly exciting.

Rodman also shared some of her techniques for conducting successful interviews, such as being persistent in asking questions in order to get your interviewee to open up. She also suggests talking to people who know your interviewee in order to find out more information for your interview.

Rodman offered the girls some great advice about handling criticism as an arts and music columnist. She says she constantly reminds herself that as a columnist, it’s her job to write her opinion. If a reader doesn’t like it, that’s fine. When she gets harsh emails, she always responds politely and says that she’s sorry they feel that way. We’re so glad that Rodman visited Teen Voices to share her experiences with our teen editors.

Please visit the Globe’s website to read some of her work.

Sarah Rodman shares her experiences with Teen Voices' teen editors.