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Saun Green Receives Unsung Heroine of Massachusetts Award

Today, the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women honored 100 inspiring women at the Seventh Annual Unsung Heroines of Massachusetts Celebration. Teen Voices’ program director Saun Green was one of the women who were honored.

The event, held at the Massachusetts State House, brought together women who are making a difference, and who show determination, courage, and vision in changing their communities.

We are so thankful to have Saun in the Teen Voices community, and appreciate her for always being an inspiring, passionate, and supportive role model for the teen girls in our program.

Program Director Saun Green with First Lady of the City of Boston Angela Menino and Executive Director of the Boston Women’s Commission Marie Turley

Saun’s work with young women makes a huge difference in their lives. Here’s what some of Teen Voices’ teen editors have to say about her:

“One thing we love about you is how real and honest you are. We can come and talk to you about anything, even if it’s too much for you to take in sometimes. You listen to us and guide us as young women, telling us to come together not just as friends, but as sisters.” –  SaChe

I came to Teen Voices when I was 16 with a lot of hurt and pain and shyness. I didn’t think much of myself. But because of your program and the way you run it, I have been able to build my self esteem as well as open up to others without being afraid to tell my story.” – Malisa

Teen Voices has really impacted me in a good way. It is my home away from home.” – Lynn

I would say how Teen Voices changed me faster than I ever thought. Teen Voices made me feel safe, loved and they made me feel as if I wasn’t alone in the world.” – Lina

I feel that I can hold my head higher and nothing or no one can tear me down.  I feel that I can now walk with the confidence I never had. “ – Tatiana

Teen Voices changed my life.  It increased my self-esteem, helped me escape problems at home and with friends while preparing me for the working world. “ – Nathalie

Congratulations on your well-deserved award, Saun!